Monday, July 21, 2008

How can I use PPC to improve my online sales and ROI?

Pay per click (PPC) is an advertising technique used on websites, advertising networks, and search engines. Pay per click search engines, pay for placement or pay for ranking search engines are a highly effective way to attract cheap, targeted traffic to your website. The best and most popular pay per click search engines are Google, Yahoo! Search Marketing (formerly Overture) and MIVA. Pay Per Click search engines which also provide an excellent service are Mygeek, GoClick, Pageseeker, Findology, and Enhance Interactive etc.

The Internet is full of business; it is being popular now in small countries for small businesses too. There are a plenty of stories about the growth of the businesses those succeed in a small no of days. Internet avail you to get stories about how to make money fast. Many claim that there are huge profits to be made from PPC advertising. You may be interested to know that "Is this true?"

Wherever, PPC advertising can and does provide large profit for the company or organization concerned. Although, it is also possible to waste a large amount of money through unprofitable PPC campaigns. With the help of this article we have tried to make you understand about some of the issues to consider when evaluating the profitability of a PPC campaign.

Measuring PPC Profit or ROI (Return on Investment)
One of the immense advantages of PPC (pay per click) campaigns is the sum of quantifiable data that is easily available, so measuring the performance of the advertising is comparatively easy against to other forms of advertising. The following information is useful in determining PPC profit or ROI (return on investment):

1. Management costs (either costs of paying a PPC management company, or staff time to manage this yourself)
2. PPC advertising costs
3. Number and value of useful clicks

Here in a PPC campaign, useful clicks are easy to define and assessable. Users can be determined weather this user want the product or have completed a sale, such tendency make it to be higher if customers tend to make repeat purchases.

Many PPC campaigns intend to increase subscribers to newsletters, acquire registrations or simply make product interest. Different values can be placed on each of these actions, and one campaign may calculate diverse types of 'conversion' his means that you can calculate the ROI or profit for each different part of the PPC campaign.


Here many industries, revenue from PPC advertising remnants high and appear to be a great deal than other forms of Internet or offline advertising (local advertising, using radio, TV.). But as more advertisers realize the potential profits of PPC advertising, the competition increases and profits go.

This will give you a very high conversion rates and customer loyalty to be profitable. In such situations it is often possible to find some sub-set of the product that can be advertised profitably by PPC.

Increasing PPC profits or ROI
You can manage to achieve significant increases ROI for client PPC campaigns - typically of order more than 40%.

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