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Google AdWords Algorithm Update

Do you run an AdWords campaign and want to see your business in that top ad position? Now it may be within your reach. In the upcoming weeks, Google will be tweaking their AdWords ranking algorithm which is used to determine which ads are displayed in the top spot, above organic search results.

The updated algorithm will continue to use the Google quality score and cost per click (CPC) elements in the formula, with a small change for the first ad position. Instead of using the advertisers actual cost per click, it will factor in the maximum CPC bid for each advertiser. This will allow advertisers to have more control over their ads showing in the top position.

From the Google AdWords blog:

"Actual CPC is determined, in part, by the bidding behavior of the advertisers below you. This means that your ad's chance of being promoted to a top spot could be constrained by a factor you cannot influence. By considering your ad's maximum CPC, a value you set, you will have more control over achieving top ad placement."

Let's look at a quick example. Say I have an ad with a maximum CPC of $0.25, but there are no competitors for my keywords; then I'm only paying the default cost of $0.05 per click. If any new advertisers enter the market for this keyword, I will be credited for my maximum CPC bid of $0.25, giving me greater control over retaining that top spot.

Some bloggers have raised concerns over the new formula, saying it will allow the system to be abused by advertisers willing to pay more and is just a move to increase Google profits. It should be noted that Google still use quality score as the greatest determining factor in top ad placement, making it unlikely for junk advertisers to buy their way to the top. But as far as increasing Google's profits go - it's likely that some advertisers will see an increase in the price of their keywords. As always, let us know what you think via our blog comments!

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Saturday, July 28, 2007

Increase your Blogg popularity

Get a creative commons license for your blog content

Creative Commons makes it easy to assign a license for your online content. I use a license called “Attribution-NonCommercial 2.0″

This means (in english)

You are free to
* to copy, distribute, display, and perform the work
* to make derivative works

Under the following conditions:
* by Attribution. You must attribute the work in the manner specified by the author or licensor.
* Noncommercial. You may not use this work for commercial purposes.

Get a feedburner account and direct feeds through feedburner

Most probably your blogging software will automatically provide an RSS feed capability. However, chances are that you may not be able to track how many readers are subscribing (and how they are subscribing) to your feed. By burning your feed via feedburner, you can get those statistics. Again, it only takes a few minutes to setup a free account on feedburner.

Implement subscription chiclets

People use variety of RSS readers and you want to make it easy for them to subscribe to your feed from those RSS readers. Feedburner provides scripts to create those subscription chiclets. I suggest that you should take a look at the available options and add those chiclets to your blog site.

Claim your blog on technorati

By registering yourself at technorati and claiming it, you have an ability to put your photo with your profile. When people search for stuff on technorati and your blog comes up in the search results your thumbsize photo appears with the search result. Every single thing helps.

Provide email subscriptions to your blog

You will be amazed how many people want to read your blog via their email. It’s easy to set that up. You can get a script to do that by registering at Feedblitz.

Link to your photo album

If you have an online photo album with a service like Flickr, put in a link to that as well.

Announce your blog to the world

The first thing that you can do is to use a service like Pingomatic to ping a few servers. Of course, best would be to write compelling content that would make others link to your site.

Register at Blogwise

Blogwise is a directory that is created manually by a bunch of cool folks. You can submit your blog for inclusion and someone over there will add it to the directory if they find the content appropriate. You can check out the listing for Life Beyond Code and may be leave your comments on this blog there.

Register in the TTLB ecosystem

TTLB (The Truth Laid Bear) eco-system ranks blogs by links.

Register at Blogarama

Blogarama is another manually moderated registry.

Link to your online bookmarks

If you have an account with and are tracking some interesting websites, you can link to your bookmark page.

Validate your feeds

Simple way is to subscribe to your own feed in your RSS readers. Other way is to use FeedValidator to check if everything is OK

Geo-tag your blog

Feedmap provides a simple way of associating your physical co-ordinates (city, zip) to your blog. As more people sign up for this service, your blog will appear in the “bloggers nearby” for your neighbours blogs.

Claim your blog at Feedster

You claimed your blog at Technorati. Now, please go ahead and claim it in Feedster as well. If you do well, you might even get into the feedster elite club “Feedster Top 500″ :) You can add an icon or your photo to personalize the search results

Enable MyBlogLog click tracking

MyBlogLog is really cool. It takes about 2 minutes to implement on your blog and provides real-time tracking (Pro Version) of user behavior (where did they come from and where did they go) on your blog.

Publish your conversations from other blogs to your blog via Comment

Succeeding in blogging requires participating in conversations. How do you bring all your conversations in one place? Well, CoComment has an answer via their Firefox plugin.

Leverage the power of HitTail to get more traffic

HitTail reveals in real-time the least utilized, most promising keywords hidden in the Long Tail of your natural search results. We present these terms to you as suggestions that when acted on will boost the natural search results of your site. It’s that simple.

Get cool widgets from MajikWidget

Do you want to add polls, voting or rating for your blog? Check out cool widgets from Majikwidget. You can get them for a song.

Register in BlogTopSites

BlogTopSites is a directory of blogs. Register your blog under the right category.

More widgets from WidgetBox

There are hundreds of them here. You can pick and choose…

Post your LinkedIn Profile via LinkedInABox

Amir Glick and Yaniv Solnik have a cool widget to display your LinkedIn profile on your blog sidebar.

Give back some link love with WhoLinked

WhoLinked will search through the web and send you back a list of sites that are linking to your site. You can say “thank you” to those sites by putting up this widget.

Provide target website previews via Snap Preview

Snap Preview Anywhere enables anyone visiting your site to get a glimpse of what other sites you’re linking to, without having to leave your site. By rolling over any link, the user gets a visual preview of the site without having to go there, thus eliminating wasted “trips” to linked sites.

Register your blog at Findory

Findory aggregates some of the finest blogs and they recommend content based on users’ interest. So if a user is reading an article in another blog that has similar content, he or she may be presented with your blog to consider reading.

Get Clustrmaps for your blog

Show visitor count and the regions from where the visitors are coming

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Top 50 Social Book marking web site 2007 by web seo solution

Top 50 Social Bookmarking website 2007 by - articles by Mr. Chris
On 10e20 we talk a lot about social bookmarking sites. To put it simply, social bookmarking is a way for people to save, classify, share and search Internet bookmarks. For me, I am always more concerned about how social bookmarks can drive traffic to my sites and increase sales and its important to know which ones can drive the most traffic. With that in mind, the folks over at eBizMBA have put together a list of the top 20 social bookmarking sites. They based their results on data on a combination of and Quantcast data. I have provided the list below with a short explanation of each site (from the sites themselves & Wikipedia) and also their Alexa ranking to see if its consistent with their findings.
1 Digg - a user driven social content website. It combines social bookmarking, blogging, and syndication with a form of non-hierarchical, democratic editorial control. Alexa Rank = 89.
2 Netscape - a social news portal programmed by you. Users can vote for which stories are to be included on the front page, and may comment on them as well. Alexa Rank = 544
3 Technorati - searches, surfaces and organizes blogs and the other forms of independent, user-generated content (photos, videos, voting, etc.) increasingly referred to as “citizen media.” Alexa Rank = 201
4 - the definition of a social bookmarking site. It is now a part of Yahoo! Alexa Rank = 186
5 StumbleUpon - a web browser plugin that allows its users to discover and rate webpages, photos, videos, and news articles. Alexa Rank = 310
6 reddit - a social bookmarking website where users can post links to content on the web. Other users may then vote the posted links up or down, causing them to appear more or less prominently on the reddit home page. Alexa Rank = 826
7 Slashdot - is a science, science fiction, and technology-related news website which features user-submitted and editor-evaluated current affairs news with a “nerdy” slant. Alexa Rank = 433
8 BlinkList - allows you to save a website instantly, and add the “Tags” and description later, in one click on a different button. Alexa Rank = 3,617
9 - a community website created by Drew Curtis allowing users to comment on a daily batch of news articles and other items from various websites. Links are submitted by Fark members, which are then approved for posting on the main page by administrators (not really a social bookmarking site). Alexa Rank = 1,521
10 ClipMarks - Save your clips privately, email them to friends, post them on your blog, or share them on ClipMarks for others to see. Alexa Rank = 4,944
11 Newsvine - Placement of stories is determined by a multitude of factors including freshness, popularity, and reputation. Contribution is open to all, and editorial judgement is in the hands of the community. Alexa Rank = 3,600
12 - stands for File Uniform Resource Locators. It’s a free social bookmarking website that allows members to store searchable copies of webpages and share them with others. Every member receives 5 gigabytes of storage space. Alexa Rank = 3,90413 BlogMarks - a collaborative link management project based on sharing and key-word tagging. Alexa Rank = 6,619
14 ShoutWire - a news and information web sitethat allows its users to vote on or “Shout” submitted articles. Alexa Rank = 11,899
15 - a social bookmarking and networking software that installs a single browser button for users to “dot” a webpage, making a link to the page part of their Blue Dot profile. Alexa Rank = 11,494
16 - allows you to store, share and search all the interesting things you find on the web (currently quite limited service due to heavy spam attacks - concentrate your efforts elsewhere). Alexa Rank = 14,009
17 SpotPlex - allows you to find what is the hot news today, this week, or this month in real time. Not a list of articles people recommended or voted for, but a list of articles read most in a given timeframe. Alexa Rank = 30,339
18 Simpy - allows you to save, tag and search your own bookmarks and notes or browse and search other users’ links and tags. Alexa Rank = 11,107
19 - allows you to keep your browser bookmarks and favorites online so you can access them from anywhere. Alexa Rank = 127,018
20 SpotBack - a personalized rating system that recommends relevant content based on personal rating history using collaborative filtering and aggregated knowledge technologies. Alexa Rank = 44,850
21 ma.gnolia - members save websites as bookmarks, just like in their browser. Except with a twist: they also “tag” them, assigning labels that make them easy to find again. Alexa Rank = 7,236
22 Shadows - link-sharing website that allows you to tap into the collective wisdom and interests of the entire Shadows community. Alexa Rank = 25,636
23 Jots - a collaborative bookmarking system that allows you to Store, Share and Discover relevant links. Alexa Rank = 65,484
24 RawSugar - a place to save, share and discover your favorite content in an organized and highly flexible way. Alexa Rank = 26,238
As you can see the Alexa rankings vary a bit from the combination of and Quantcast data. If this same listing was based on Alexa’s data - your priorities would lie in this order:
1 Digg (89)
2 (186)
3 Technorati (201)
4 StumbleUpon (310)
5 Slashdot (433)
6 Netscape (544)
7 reddit (826)
8 FARK (1,521)
9 Newsvine (3,600)
10 BlinkList (3,617)
11 (3,904)
12 ClipMarks (4,944)
13 BlogMarks (6,619)
14 Mag.nolia (7,236)
15 Simpy (11,107)
16 (11,494)
17 ShoutWire (11,899)
18 (14,009)
19 Shadows (25,636)
20 RawSugar (26,238)
21 Spotplex (30,339)
22 SpotBack (44,850)
23 Jots (65,484)24 MyBookmarks (127,018)
About Chris
President and Co-Founder of , a search and social marketing firm (that occasionally still does web design).

Web SEO Solution for Blogs

There are many reasons for blogging. But the primary uses of Blogs are as it is very useful factor to get better rankings in major search engines like google yahoo and msn. It is also being used to game google adsense.
Search Engines Know blogs as it is very useful in getting new information and get updates regularly, they appreciate a lot of preference in the search results.
So how and from where you will start to optimize your blog?
It depends on the technique that how you make the most of it or we can say that how you develop it. But you have to start from some basic process. The major blogging sites are two one is word press and the other is blogger. As you want to get an advantage of SEO, you must use blogger as they are owned by google, so that it will get you indexed very quickly.
There is no more difference between a site and a blog. The main control of a blog begins with the regularity of the posting. If the Search Engines observe a model of 3 postings every day, they will crawl that site very lively. But it also depends on the topic of the blog. You must be proficient to increase your blog in the search rank if it is connected to a latest topic on the Internet.
Then you should come to start authentic optimization.
As blogs have typically a small number of pages and no long, you just require to setup a few rules that you should have to apply with your site in a broad way.
• You should use an attractive title for your blog. It should be captivate to read more for the user.
• You should use the keywords of your blog in the title. But to do it always may be hard to you, but you should keep the title related to the topic of your blog it is very important for your blog.
• You should use h1 tag – all blog editors allow using it so there will not be a problematic to use it. You can make it more stylish with using h1 tag.
• You should link your blog to other blogs. To do this you should find other related blogs which should be interesting for your readers and you can ask for a back link too.
• You should not forget about your archives – you may post any topic that is not hot at that moment, but it may come later on – you should make sure that the visitors of your blog can find that posting
It is very confirm that if you want to create a successful blog you should post in your blog very frequently. You do not need to write an article each and every time, two or three paragraphs and may be some resource links is what a typical posting should be comprised of.
-To your online Achievements!

Google Trust Rank

The best way to think about Trustrank is to compare it to if you were to purchase a product or service in the real world. There are many built-in factors that we use to pre-qualify a business to see if we are willing to part with our cash for their goods or services. This is the same approach Google takes in order to measure the quality of a site, and doing this will get you out of the so-called "Sandbox" much faster than the typical 4-6 months.
While in no particular order, some are most costly than others, but all are worth doing.• Register your domain for 10 years. If you can't afford the $70 it costs at GoDaddy then are you really serious about your site?• Buy a SSL certificate - this tells Google that you are a legit business since they know you have to have a verified checking account to get a SSL cert. (And buy it for as many years as you can at a time, at the very least for 2 years)• Have a privacy policy that tells in exact detail what happens to the information about the visitor that is collected from the site.• List a mailing address (no P.O. Boxes) - Just as in real life, you feel better purchasing a service or product from a place that has a physical location.• List your contact information - telephone, fax (if needed), email & name.• If you have a bigger budget, use any of the "Hacker Safe" services and place those icons on your site. Again, this tells Google that you are seriously committed to protecting your visitor's experience on the site.
Those are simple techniques that you can directly apply to your site, and are signals to Google that you take your online presence seriously.
As far as the "Off-page" factors, it's really about linking to quality sites that are relevant and sometimes considered "authority sites" by Google. Also, getting links from those trusted sites will help re-enforce the quality of your site in the eyes of the Google spiders.
There is alertness to the importance of the value of Google’s “Trust Rank” algorithm is ever-increasing. There are many “off-page” factors while that are, you can take numerous effortless steps to be sure to create your site gets the trust from Google by using these simple methods
One of the best ways to compare of Trustrank is to assume about if you want to purchase a product or service authentically.
There are various fixed reasons which we can use to pre-qualify an industry to see if we are prepared to fraction through our currency for their merchandise or services. This is the equal approach Google takes in order to quantify the eminence of a site, and doing this will get you out of the so-called "Sandbox" much faster than the typical 4-6 months.
While in no meticulous array, some are mainly expensive than others, but all are importance doing.• You should be serious about your site. You should register your site domain for ten years.• Purchase a SSL certificate - this tells Google that you are a legit business since they know you have to have a verified checking account to get a SSL cert. (And purchase it for as many years as you can at a time, at the very least for 2 years)• Have a privacy policy that tells in exact detail what happens to the information about the visitor that is collected from the site.• Register a mailing address (no P.O. Boxes) – which should be real, as you feel better purchasing a service or product from a place that has a physical location.• List your contact information - telephone, fax (if needed), email & name.• If your budget has no limit, use any of the "Hacker Safe" services and place those icons on your site. Again, this tells Google that you are seriously committed to defensive your visitor's experience on the site.
Those are effortless methods that you can apply directly in your site, and are hints to Google that you take your online attendance sincerely.
As far as the "Off-page" factors, it's really about linking to quality sites that are relevant and sometimes considered "authority sites" by Google. Also, getting links from those trusted sites will help re-enforce the quality of your site in the eyes of the Google spiders.
-To your online Achievements!

Online Marketing Search Engine Optimization

When you split down the authentic components of Online marketing, it all arrives down to variation of coding a website to fulfill the necessities of the major search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN.
If you want to develop your online presence, there are many ways you can do it. The truest way is to create certain your efforts will carry on your online work for years from now, if you will optimize your efforts in proper way then it is sure.
What ever you do if it is press release, blogs, article, white papers or any other thing if it appears on the net must be optimized, as you will never come to know when and how some one will come to learn about your service or product.
If you are using video ads or you had uploaded it to you tube it also should be optimized. Pod casts should be optimized and RSS feed which you want to submit it should be optimized too.
Can you understand the point?
Content is the king for engines, because search engines always look for the most related content, if you had optimize your content in proper way, it can get healthier rank for long periods of time in all major search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN.
You should optimize everything which will be appearing online or exists in digital format on the web. You should spend a little bit more and in extra effort and you will get more.
-To your online Achievements!

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Solution to Select Your Web Site Title

Every body is known from his name which is title. We can define person and every thing properly with the title. Some people dislike titles and some fond of to give titles. We do this because we want to get so much information which is processed in our mind each and every day. We have to keep each thing in our mind to remember it swiftly from the whole associated content of group.
In the same way Search Engine applies this methodology when it crawl a web page of your site. When we title a page of our website we tell search engine, the visitor or any other internet user how it is related to its content and what they can get at that page. It is just like the add which we watch on the Television, that guide us with summary of a sentence and quickly shows us what it can provide us. Heaving the power of should we sell or buy that thing? What ever the answer yes or no it also show the reasons how, when, why and where at what coast.
This is the point that how carefully you have to choose the title for your web page of your site for particular product or service. I have seen so many sites for the entire site with following titles “Untitled”, “Company Name”, “Contact us”, “Products”, “Services” etc.
We should titled all the web pages with our company name it could be a prospective branding tactic, so that the visitors who do not aware about your brand name and want to get the product or service that you sell. You can integrate your company name in the title of each web page of your site, but it must be placed after the main point you want to suggest about the particular page.
Each page should have sole title, with this you can explain your different product on the same page if you have few pages of your site you can market many different product or service on the same page. You can use the page title as an index of information for the user. If you have multiple products on your site you should give unique title for each product. You should not expect the page to ever appear in search engine for that you could not make different titles.
You should try to place your keywords in the title if it is possible, it will help the search engine to decide where the page should be ranked. Don’t forget to remember that search engine rank each page individually, so that it is important to use correct identification methods.
If possible, you should try to place your keywords in the title, since this will help the search engine determine where your page should be ranked. Remember, the search engines rank each page individually, that's why it's so important to use proper naming methods.
When you decide the keywords which u want to use select 4 to 6 word as title. After 60 characters, the title in the search engine results page will be shorten and the user will not be able to read.
The whole time you conjure up titles, keep the user first in mind always. While some phrases can well rank in the search engines, a user may never enter that phrase and you will lose the targeted traffic you want to reach. Sometimes the phrases work out well for both the user and search engine, and in those cases success is usually quick to follow
-To your online Achievements!

Google Base Optimization for Online Merchants and Business Men

It was well-known with name of Froogle। If you have any product you can sale it online। If you use this service you will get more benefit like you should not have to waste your time after describing the product and showing in different way to the client if you will describe it online। And it is free too। Google tries to increase the usage of this service.If you want to get improved results on the shopping search engines, try to optimize your service – you can post all your products with their detailed description and can find your listings on top with marketing it online.There is a new chance for retailers who use online services to market their product or to sale them. It is also famous as the "Onebox" result. If you want to learn more about this enormous way to get targeted traffic to your site or listing of your products. Don’t forget to visit OneBoxer, a fantastic blog that covers all angles better than I can.In recent times, Google has made more necessities on a basic level, but there may be added if your listings are within a specific product category: • brand • condition • description • expire date • email-id • image link • link (on which you have described your product it should be site or listing of your product) • price • product type • title Reasonably, some merchants are disturbed with this. Since they have thousands of products which should have more detailed information, and some products should not have all of the essential fields (expiration date, for example).So how can you get benefit of this?Some people will search by image, some by particular name and some may be can use material for search. All of these are incredible chances to show your product in front of a consumer who is prepared to buy. It will take some time to generate and get all the twists worked out, but it is well worth it.-To your online Achievements!

How to Analyze a Link Building Movement

One-way (In-Bound) link – Just link your site to another related sites without giving it a back link.
Reciprocal links or Link Exchange – Link your site in other related sites and link them in your site too. This is also called two way links. In this process both the site owner place each other links and let the traffic redirect to their link partners too. It is a very time consuming task if you want to do it correctly but some time it is very useful to get high pr links.
But you should have to regularly check your partner’s site to make sure that your link is still placed on that site. Most webmasters are honest and will keep you linked, but there are a few rotten apples out there.
In-Bound (One-way) Links are the most excellent type to increase back links of your site, if you can. It's not very difficult too, but as in the whole thing advantage, there will be a quantity of attempt caught up.
The simplest way to acquire In bound links are submit your site to directories. There are so many free directories to submit your site, and it will save your time and provide you the fact result in Search Engines too so get listed in as many as you can.
There are also paid directories which have high pr and you can submit your site in it, if you can afford some money and your budget allows you. You should try to get listed in all directories that are applicable to your site's subject.
The next way to get popular your site is site is to do press release submission. With related sites which provides free press release submission. And it will not only get your site popular, but it will also increase your one way links.
If you want to earn through your online business, you must include your site’s url in your email signature. Many people use Hotmail, Yahoo or Gmail which are all web-based systems, so they read the urls contained in the email and thus include to your back-link totals.
One portion of contemplation: When you submit your site information in link form, make sure your anchor text (the clickable part) is one of the keywords you are trying to get your site ranked for. What you are telling the search engines is that the destination of the url is about whatever the text link was. So, if your text link says "software", the search engine would expect that page to be about Software.


What is WEB SEO SOLUTION? WEB SEO Solution is an Indian based Company equipped at the leading edge of technology. Our accomplished services include, Search Engine Marketing, PPC Management, Internet Marketing, Web Promotion, website marketing and Search Engine Optimization Services. We believe in functioning with each client to recognize the desires of the commerce before proposing an appropriate solution.
What is SEO (Search Engine Optimization)?
In Short SEO is a technical part of marketing. The company or business, which has strong and advanced marketing techniques, can keep its business evergreen. Any one who wants to get business in latest trends must have well and qualified SEO.
SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a watchfully, lengthy, intended and well-executed technique to catch targeted visitors to a website. There are two main parts of SEO Optimization: On-site optimization and Off-site optimization.
On-site optimization includes variation to the construction, design, colors and text, different layout, text and tags of the site in method that are search engine friendly. Fundamentally, each business with a website, further or fewer needs the services of SEO professional to get high position in major search engines like Google, Yahoo & MSN.
The other part of the process involves Off-site optimization contains calculated linking, map reading and other imperative policies.
SEO is like a long racecar.(If you are a driver of race care or a contest admirer, you must know how the parts of the car perform in which functions.)
Why Business Owners Need Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Services?
Any one who want to sell his products and services through Internet it is necessary for them that their website is well known for others. Companies normally hire web designers to structure their websites giving assured specifications to create it attractive using flash and heavy images. Though it is the most ordinary silliness in such cases that the huge majority does not believe that they are going to do with the site once it is up and management. The supposition is that if they build it, Visitors will somehow discover it. Actually without correct search engine optimization, planned connecting, and other efficient online marketing strategies, extremely few people, if some, will really find the site.In soul, if you have a website, you require our services. Forever keep in mind that your challengers have previously taken help of a proficient SEO company like ours. For what you are waiting!!!
Contact us today to discover how you can control the power of Internet and turn it into a greatest earnings website.

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Believable Search Engine Optimization Solution

SEO does not have to be problematical but it requires several work if you map on having your site in the top 10 of major search engines like google, yahoo and msn. Webmasters want to have their Websites on the first page of Google, MSN and Yahoo when their keywords are being searched. Regrettably they believe one of two things. The first thing it is not easy to do it on their own, and the next thing is there is a top secret scam that should have to perform in order to get high rankings. These both proclamations are incorrect.
Webmasters give thousands of dollars to a proficient SEO expert to include their sites on top ten rankings of major search engines. The fact is that you can have top Search Engine Rankings at low cost and doing the work yourself or paying a professional SEO company thousands of dollars to get your Website on the first page. Both will work the choice is yours. If you have that much enough time to do a lot after your site and that kind of understanding you can do it on your own other wise no way to higher a professional SEO or an SEO company.
You have to be enthusiastic to do a lot of tasks of Website Optimization if you want to get success. There is a lot information on the Internet about SEO. Many persons will tell you that to get high rank of your site you have to create and submit many RSS feeds. Some will tell, you need high quality reciprocal links. There is not just one way to get first page on google
What is necessary for Webmasters in order to get site in Top Rankings? Some consider that if they achieve 3 major tasks of SEO that their Website will soar to the top. I think that no one can get his site with just doing a few work of SEO and get your site in high rank with major search engines.
Entire SEO is your most excellent assurance to get a high ranking on the major search engines. What is complete SEO? Use the ways to get your site noticed on the major search engines like, Press release, classifieds. Do this using your targeted Keywords means get link on your key words which you have targeted for your site. If you really want a top ranking and do not have time to do it on your own then only higher an expert SEO. He will let you know many things which you will need to get your site on the first page of major search engines.
To have complete SEO need many effective jobs, tools and much research details. I would like to give you the many jobs that you will have to do to achieve high rank.
1. Truthful Description of Website.
2. Clear Meta tags related to your content.
3. Create your Text Body expressive of your main Topic.
4. Find reciprocal links.
5. Quality search engine submission.
After you complete all of the above then you can be sure that your Website will be on top.