Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Use Orkut and keep in touch with friends & relatives.

Who does not know Orkut???

In this high tech world, where every thing is being done online now within few seconds either it is the issue of money transaction or generating the business as well making branding of a new product. Online world has made every thing quick and easy in the last ten years, It will be strange if some one does not know Orkut.

Orkut is an online community which has made easy to be in touch with friends and relatives. It has also helped to keep update our self by its photo sharing and scraping services. Now a day people do not wait for a mobile message or a phone call of friends, they just wait for a single scrap, and be in touch with their loved ones.

Some times I feel that Orkut has bring our past communication method once again.
Earlier people wait for a mail of their friends and relatives on some occasion or in festival, same way now they wait for a single scrap on Orkut for the same. Orkut has reduced the distance between our friends and relatives.

I would like to share some Advantages and Disadvantages of Orkut over here, hope they will surely give you better idea of using Orkut.

Advantages of Orkut:

• Any one can get registered with Orkut within a few minutes.

• We can create a detailed profile, with which we can give and get an idea about our self as well others that can be editing any time.

• We can make n number of friends in Orkut.

• We can send n number of scraps to our friends and relatives.

• We can also create and share our photo albums with Orkut.

• We can also be fan of our loved ones; as well can send teaser and much more.

• We can create and share our favorite videos while using Orkut.

• Play games or number of good applications.

• Send free SMS on friends’ mobile.

• Promote or get promoted your self, product or services that you offer to people.

• Send personal messages to friends if you don’t want others to read :)

• Write good testimonials to impress the friends ;)

• We can create the events too.

• We can get updates of our friends and relatives.

• We can create an app and can add them to Orkut.

• We can share and hide our self, as well as everything that we have done with our Orkut profile from every one too.

The list can be long and long but these are the main advantages that any one can have with his or her Orkut profile. :)

Disadvantages of Orkut:

• If you have not done proper settings for your account any one can search and see your profile, photos, videos, scraps and every thing you have done with your account.

• The most effective disadvantage that I feel just today is, if you have any friend named X, on orkut, you have installed skype in your system, and has contact the same name X you will find Skype icon with the person who is in your orkut id. It means you will think it’s the same person that you have added in orkut but it may be that both the persons are different so be aware of this. :)

So keep this both Advantages and Disadvantages of orkut in mind, while scraping, messaging and photo sharing.

Don’t forget to enjoy video sharing too. :)