Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Keep your data safe with Android jelly bean 4.3

Android jelly bean 4.3 a one of the latest version of Android provided by google has many superior features. Google added five significant security features under the surface. Apart from that, Google has also added other two new features that work with any Android version being used now days.

Android jelly bean sandbox reinforced with SELinux:
Android jeely bean 4.3 includes SELinux now, a obligatory admittance manage (MAC) system in the Linux kernel to increase the exclusive recognition Number based application sandbox. Almost all apps with the Android sandbox makes them more secure.

Some users are cautious of SELinux, since the NSA had a large hand in creating it. Since SELinux, just like all of Linux, is open source that seems foolish to me. After all, the code is right in plain sight for anyone to look for security holes.

KeyChain enhancements:
You will be happy to know that Google has launched a new API that is named KeyChain API. This API enables applications to authenticate that system-wide keys are bound to a hardware cause of trust. So you don’t need to worry about the NSA snooping on your messages now. It indicates that OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) developers can add confidential keys that cannot be copied off the device, even if it’s or else absolutely compromised.

It will not stop the NSA -- or mainly most important Internet companies -- from using metadata, big data, and traffic analysis to remain an eye on you, but it will ultimately assist to stay the contents of your messages and apps protected.

Android Keystore Provider:

Android 4.3 also introduces a keystore provider and APIs that allow applications to generate exclusive-use keys, at the same time. It means that those apps can generate or accumulate confidential keys that cannot be seen by any other app.