Friday, July 30, 2010

Why An Employee Leaves the Job???

Now days it’s a major issue for well known organization as well as small business that their employees are leaving the jobs. If the organizations want to remain their prestige in market and really understands the value of their employees the management of the organization should look in to the matter and if required has to interfere for the same even with HRM as well as personally with the employees. It’s very much important task for an organization or a business company to remain the experienced, honest and capable employees now days.

The success of company or business is built on work proficiency of employees and their abilities, when a capable, experienced and an honest employee leaves the company then company may have lose. To have another employee instead of the current, provide him guidance may take time and money, and it happens that company can not get the new employee as the old one in same salary too.

In this case company should compromise with less experienced person if it gives importance to the employee, it may be harmful to company, and if the company goes to the same experienced person with high salary then organization has to face the other employees that may be a reason of unity of an organization. It is not fact that each time an employee leaves the job just because of less salary; other so many factors are responsible for it. Some times an employee does not leave the job but he leaves the senior person, manager or supervisor. There may be many departments in a company; if the movement of leaving and hiring an employee is happening to a single department then it may fault of manager or the head of the department.

When a Manager behave with the employees as machine, when he takes the work forcefully to reach the targets then employee feels as misbehave, and he has to leave the company. In fact he leaves the manager not the company. When manager can not promote an employee, asks to follow the rules very rudely, can not manage for the progress of an employee then the employee feels his future in dark, and the result is that he has to leave the company. If he could not leave the company then he will work as a machine and loses his efficiency of work that may harm the organization.

Some managers behave either in the way of relationship or follow like British government “Divide and Rule”. Such managers have fear of unity of all the employees that unity of all the employees may harm to his own self so to keep a command on all the employees he tries for disarray between employees continuously. He has been partial to the employees who move around him and injustice to an honest employee. At this time an honest employee will be pessimist and when he gets the chance he leaves such manager. Such manager can be harmful to the organization in long term.

Some Managers keeps the employees away from required tools or facilities under the reason of frugality, so employees get troubled in work to complete it in proper way within time limit and manager will blame on that employee. E.g. if a marketing manager gives allowance with a sales man can not have his two times’ bread, or he has to take long time to travel in such cases the sales man get tired and will do less work and can not achieve the targets and be pessimist. At this time if he gets an opportunity he will join the competitor. The organization may harm with a great loss when an employee join the competitive company. If this employee had get good clients with his own ability and has developed personal relations with clients then it may happens that the organization lose the clients too.

Some managers get fear from the persons who are working under his supervision, so he never gives an opportunity to his lower level person. Even don’t take their advice while taking the decisions, if it’s the chance to get appreciation the manager will always try to prove that he has done that job at all although the second level person has done 90% of job. At this time that second level person will ever try to get appreciated and when ever get opportunity leaves the organization. If the organization will try to find out the actual reasons why employees are leaving the job and take proper actions against them it can save its prestige as well as precious Manpower.