Wednesday, December 13, 2006

About "white hat" versus "black hat" SEO. What is that?

In terms of search engine optimization, you're talking about two different real techniques as far as how to perform it. Black hat SEO is the practice of using techniques deemed illegal or unethical. These can include using hidden text in your site. The search engine can read the text in the site, but it's not visible to the human eye. That's just an example of keyword stuffing. There are "door-in pages," which allow users to come into your site through a page and then push you to another thought or product or service — things the consumer didn't initially want to visit. Those are all some examples of illegal techniques.

White hat is the opposite of that — basically ethical SEO, which is using established SEO practices to increase a site's ranking. White hat is a more long-term strategy, and black hat can be more immediate.

“Illegal" is a strong term. You get posed that question a lot. It depends on your business model and what you're going after.

I would never request or recommend that a company use black hat SEO, but there are some instances where it can be helpful. It just depends on what your marketing strategy is. The only driver behind using black hat SEO is that the results can be much quicker. You can see the jump in search engine rank happen relatively quickly. The downside to that is that you will eventually get caught and can be penalized by the search engine. You can even be banned and removed from a search engine. That can be detrimental to retail clients specifically.


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