Saturday, July 21, 2007

How to Analyze a Link Building Movement

One-way (In-Bound) link – Just link your site to another related sites without giving it a back link.
Reciprocal links or Link Exchange – Link your site in other related sites and link them in your site too. This is also called two way links. In this process both the site owner place each other links and let the traffic redirect to their link partners too. It is a very time consuming task if you want to do it correctly but some time it is very useful to get high pr links.
But you should have to regularly check your partner’s site to make sure that your link is still placed on that site. Most webmasters are honest and will keep you linked, but there are a few rotten apples out there.
In-Bound (One-way) Links are the most excellent type to increase back links of your site, if you can. It's not very difficult too, but as in the whole thing advantage, there will be a quantity of attempt caught up.
The simplest way to acquire In bound links are submit your site to directories. There are so many free directories to submit your site, and it will save your time and provide you the fact result in Search Engines too so get listed in as many as you can.
There are also paid directories which have high pr and you can submit your site in it, if you can afford some money and your budget allows you. You should try to get listed in all directories that are applicable to your site's subject.
The next way to get popular your site is site is to do press release submission. With related sites which provides free press release submission. And it will not only get your site popular, but it will also increase your one way links.
If you want to earn through your online business, you must include your site’s url in your email signature. Many people use Hotmail, Yahoo or Gmail which are all web-based systems, so they read the urls contained in the email and thus include to your back-link totals.
One portion of contemplation: When you submit your site information in link form, make sure your anchor text (the clickable part) is one of the keywords you are trying to get your site ranked for. What you are telling the search engines is that the destination of the url is about whatever the text link was. So, if your text link says "software", the search engine would expect that page to be about Software.

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Neil Thomas said...

Yeah its very important to make sure the reciprocol linking is checked quite often.

Neil Thomas