Saturday, February 20, 2010

Rules and Benefits of Submitting articles in Ezine

Today while discussing with my friend about getting free back links I get inspired to write about this.

Article submission is a good way to get free one way back link for any website. Any SEO wants to get free back link for his own site as well as for client’s website, either it’s a service providing website or just a small website having 5 to 10 pages.

Ezine is one of the best article submission website to submit articles free. One can generate good back links through this website by submitting good articles. Ezine is one of the best just because it provides free article submission to authors initially as well as it has good relevant and pure high traffic. I am saying initially because it has limits of free article submission. One can not spam with this website.

Here good, relevant and pure words have some definitions. Yes the things are well maintained over here by categorization. One can not submit any article to any irrelevant category, Ezine has its own editors’ team to check and verify articles quality and all the relevant things.

Benefits of using Ezine articles are as below:

• Ezine provides Free article submission
• Ezine provides Expert author status
• One can create free profile with own photo.
• Our article can appear on the high-traffic home page just within 48 hours
• Pure and Well categorization
• Impartial human editors.
• Free back link to a website on three keywords.
• Generate rss feed for each article
• Good, pure and relevant traffic.
• If article is good instant publishing
• No one can use, write or publish your article twice.
• You can post article up to 5000 words
• One can resubmit the article which is not published because of any issue.

I can say that if you get expert author status on Ezine, you can submit or publish your article on any website any where across the globe. 

Keep in mind these rules while submitting your article on Ezine

• Post your article in appropriate category, irrelevant categorization may stop your article being published on the website.
• Place your own photo don’t use any irrelevant image.
• If you are submitting your article free you can not use more then 3 keywords in author signature.
• No one can use
• Keywords should be comma separated
• Don’t post half articles or just paragraphs.
• Don’t post an article that have less then 250 words.
• By previewing the article we can have idea of spelling mistakes and can make it correct.
• Don’t post any copied articles.
• Post the original articles written on your own only.

So what are you waiting for?? Just go to ezine and submit articles absolutely free, and get impressed your client as well as earn an expert author status.


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